March 8th 2008 05:40 pm

Long Day Part 2

It’s already the day after surgery, but I still feel like we should record the events of the day yesterday so I will continue where I left off last night.

Part 2:
I hadn’t gotten up as early as 5:00am for a while, so that must be why the coffee at Marie Calendar’s seemed to taste especially good that morning.  I’m really thankful that my grandma and aunt were there to distract me; I didn’t need the time to go any slower than it already was going.  Secretly I was hoping that we would be there eating breakfast long enough that upon heading back to the hospital, Monica would be out of surgery and ready to be seen.  Apparently that wasn’t the plan.  She was supposed to start surgery at about 7:30am, and my excitement about her getting in a half hour early turned into concern when it turned 10:30am and we still hadn’t heard from the doctor.  They told us the procedure would take about an hour or and hour and a half.  10:30am made it about 3 hours!  Fortunately a friend from our Sunday school class who is a nurse at the hospital decided to visit us in the waiting room that morning and found out how long we were waiting.  She made a few phone calls and got word that Monica had just entered the operating room!  At least we were able to relax knowing that nothing was wrong.  Thank you so much, Rachelle, for coming to visit that morning.  By the time we got a call to see Monica it was after 1pm.  That would have been a really long time to wait without any word of her condition.

In the meantime Monica’s parents joined us in the waiting room after dropping Kai off at day care.  We were visiting with some other friends who came to visit and were getting hungry.  All of a sudden I got a text message saying, “Do you want Italian, Mexican, Chinese, or American for lunch?”  My friend’s wife from my men’s bible study wanted to bring us lunch.  It was God’s timing.  Monica’s parents decisively craved Chinese food, so it was broccoli beef and shrimp with snow peas for lunch.  Just as Catt got there with the food we got a call to see Monica.  Catt waited for us in the cafeteria. 

My stomach turned when we walked into the room and saw her.  She was sleeping, but she had a look of pain on her face.  I wasn’t sure whether to gently wake her to give her some support and encouragement, or to just let her sleep.  The nurses decided for us as they walked in and told us she would be moving to her own single room.  It turned out that our nurse friend made a few more phone calls and made sure that Monica got the next single room that opened up.  Since Monica was still groggy, we got a chance to go down to the cafeteria and eat.  By the time we came back up, she was more awake and ready to receive all our love.

The rest of the night was filled with people showering her with love and support.  She’s received some of the most beautiful flowers we’ve ever seen.  Some friends brought by chick flicks and cookies.  Some other friends even brought me shampoo, a tooth brush, and some pajamas.  Monica had a craving for frozen yogurt and someone brought that by too.  We have been blessed by you all so much and are forever grateful.  We can’t express how it has really made a difference to have people in our lives who care so much and who are willing to help.

Later in the evening Monica’s folks brought Kai in to see her.  He seemed a bit confused at first, but was excited to see us.  One of the first things he did was to walk up to the side of the bed and raise his hands up to Monica asking her to pick him up.  It was a little bit sad, but cute at the same time.  I quickly tried to distract him with a little bag of graham cracker cookies that someone brought, knowing that Kai would love some cookies.  He took the first cookie that I gave him and walked over to Monica to give it to her.  I gave him another cookie and he did it again.  What a sweet kid!  Normally he would have horded those cookies and not shared them with anyone.  As it is, he didn’t offer any of those cookies to anyone else in the room except for Mama.  When that little bag of cookies was done, he had offered the majority of them to Monica and only kept a few for himself.  He might be a little bit confused about what is going on, but he definitely knows that Mama needs a little extra love right now.


4 Responses to “Long Day Part 2”

  1. blanca on 08 Mar 2008 at 6:50 pm #

    Monica & Sol, You are in our prayers and we are so thankful that the surgery went well and Monica is on her way to the healing process. I have kept my our side of the family up-to-date by calling your grandma and Laura. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings with us all. Your great aunt Julia sends her love and prayers. Hope to see you soon. Blanca

  2. sheribaker on 08 Mar 2008 at 10:58 pm #

    What an amazing day. I am so glad that it went as smoothly as it did and that it’s over. People at home keep calling me to ask how everything went – I keep telling them to check the website, but apparently they think I’m a better option! 😉 I’m just glad to have good news to pass on to them. I can’t even tell you how many people have been praying for you three. Tell Monica to just relax, recover, and then rejoice that so much of it is behind you.


  3. RenaeHerbTolbert on 09 Mar 2008 at 4:22 pm #

    Sol, I just want to thank you so much for taking the time to update everyone. I know that in the midst of all of this, it’s hard to find the moments to sit down and type a detailed message like you have. Thank you TONS for that. I got a little teary eyed reading about Kai and the cookies. What a precious little guy.
    Tell Monica Herb and I send our love and hugs.
    Thanks again. Renae and Herb

  4. MaryAnn on 10 Mar 2008 at 8:14 am #

    Monica, Sol & Kai,

    Thank you SO much for the update on Monica’s procedure. Taking the time out to keep us all up-to-date is so selfless! We really apreciate it. We have been praying for her recovery to be quick and uneventful so she can move quickly to radioation.

    Praise God for the day you had with his many blessings and bringing you what you needed when you needed it. It has been so awesome to watch God working in you and your family through this process.

    We love you guys!
    The Mayfield4!

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