October 31st 2007 12:00 pm

Awesome! Bandwidth Limit Exceeded!

It was an unexpected but pleasant surprise to open our web page this morning and get the error message saying “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”.  That means that so many people have connected to the web site, that the allotted bandwidth for our hosting plan was all used up.  That’s the kind of “problem” you want to see when you have a website.  What it really means is that you guys really care about keeping up on how Monica’s doing so you’re checking the site often.  For that, we thank you.

Anyways, I’ve since increased our hosting plan to support four times the bandwidth, so don’t be shy about checking.  We won’t soon run out of bandwidth now!

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One Response to “Awesome! Bandwidth Limit Exceeded!”

  1. RenaeHerbTolbert on 31 Oct 2007 at 6:15 pm #

    Wooo hoooo that IS great!! I can tell by reading all the posts that you both are VERY loved and have a huge amount of support.
    I really appreciate the daily communication and updates.
    Love, Renae and Herb

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