February 17th 2009 03:32 pm

Mattress Issues!!!

Please pray for our bed issues to be solved!  First we were told that it would be delivered on Monday, then they call and say because of the holiday, it will come on Tuesday.  We called today, now they are telling us it is on back order!!!  The man who sold us the bed was supposed to call us and let us know the status of everything!  We are the ones calling him and he isn’t answering!  I am so frustrated!  I haven’t been sleeping well and want this bed so badly.  I slept part of the night on the couch last night because of pain!  I was in the mattress store trying to figure all of this out and I lay down on the bed we purchased and I could have lay there all day!  It was like a giant hug!  We are trying to find a store nearby that has it in stock, and then we’ll cancel the transaction with this other store!  

Anyway, pray that this all works out and that I am able to get some sound sleep.  


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