February 3rd 2009 07:13 pm

Dr Appointment Results

I was a bit frustrated by the doctor’s appointment this morning.  I was told that there was really nothing that they could do to help with the fevers and cough.  I just have to manage and fight.  He said that the cough could be irritation from the tumors making me cough – not too much I can do about that, eh?  I don’t have any fluid in my lungs, so that is good, but this cough is keeping us up at night and wearing me down, down, down.

My blood tests showed that I am a little anemic, so I will be having shots to boost my red blood cells weekly beginning next week.  Hopefully it will give me more energy.  I’ve never had one of these shots, so I am a little afraid.  I’m set to have them for five weeks and then check it again.  Before the five weeks is up, I’ll also be having a CT scan.  It is not set up yet, but will be soon – I’ll let you know!

I also have not had much of an appetite – lost 7 pounds – so the doctor prescribed Megestrol Acetate to stimulate my appetite.  I hope that by eating more, I’ll have more energy.  It is supposed to be Lemon-Lime flavor, so hopefully it’ll go down smoothly.  We’ll find out tomorrow!

Please pray for rest and sleep.  Sol and I both need sleep.  Kai is doing awesome!  He continues to go in the potty and sleep through the night!  Martha (Sol’s step-mom) is coming tomorrow.  She said she woke up this morning and just needed to be here.  So here she comes.

I’m praying I wake up tomorrow with NO cough!!!  It can happen!

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