December 13th 2008 09:45 pm

Starting another Round…

On Wednesday, I began another round of chemo.  It went well, but as so often is the case these days, I spent Friday (2 days after chemo) in bed.  It seems to be the trend these days.  I’m getting more and more tired.  

I think that I don’t do very well ‘taking it easy’.  I have found myself doing all the things that I wanted to get done before and then find that I am exhausted afterward.  I haven’t become the nutrition expert yet either. I have been eating differently and juicing fruits and veggies almost daily.   I miss pizza and chocolate, but I know that my body needs this chance.  

Today Kai and I went to the Whittier Parade.  It was so much fun watching him and his little friends enjoying the show.  They were so cute that they kept getting candy dropped in their laps.  They were on sugar highs for a while, but Christmas only comes once a year, right?

Well the house hunting continues.  We’ve made a total of six offers so far and have been the back-up offer on just about each one.  We are submitting two offers this weekend though, so we’ll let you know.  🙂   Keep your fingers crossed!

My schedule the next few weeks is this:

Monday – bloodwork

Tuesday – Chemo

Saturday – Bloodwork

Monday – Chemo and then fly out for Christmas at Alliance Redwoods – both nostalgic and very anticipated!  

Christmas – head to Fresno for the weekend.

Week of New Year’s – CT scan to see what’s going on inside

I am so thankful to be celebrating this Christmas season with my little Kai.  He is such a joy.  He has been learning about Santa and Baby Jesus.  Sometimes he says “I’m not getting any presents because I not nice.”  It’s cute, but so sad at the same time.  He’s really a good kid.  He loves Christmas decorations and lights and can’t wait for the sun to go down so the lights come on.  I can’t wait until he sees all of the presents under the tree.  A fun memory – for the first few days the stockings were out, it sounded like he was calling them “donkeys”.  

Well, that’s about it from here.  I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas season.  



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  1. bdnp3827 on 14 Dec 2008 at 3:05 am #


    I am praying for you and the whole family throughout this holiday season. I pray that God will give you enormous peace and stamina to make it through the holiday “fun”.

    In His Hope,

    Becky DeWett

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