October 16th 2008 10:51 pm

Chemo #10

 So far, I’m feeling pretty good.  My new friend Shelley went with me to chemo.  She is a teacher, too, so we spent time counting ballots and grading papers!  Today actually went very quickly.  I was done in three hours.  Then I came home, finished the movie I had started and did laundry for our trip.  I guess I’m feeling ok.  I am excited about the trip, so that keeps me going – doing what I need to do.

I am so excited and a little nervous!  We are leaving in the morning for Redding, CA to see my friends and family.  It is my 10 year from college and my friends and I are hanging out.  We haven’t seen each other in a little over 4 years or met most of the kids who’ve joined the XV clan.  I am nervous because I don’t know how I’ll be feeling.  The side-effects tend to hit the morning after, and that’s when we’ll be on the plane!  

I realize that a while has gone by since I’ve posted pictures, so I am going to attach a few pictures of our recent activities: 

This is us at the Fresno v. Ucla game!  Fresno won and it was a blazing 96 degrees!  Yea and Yuk!  Notice the sea of red behind us!  🙂

Sol and Monica - Go Fresno State! 

These pictures are of Kai cooking and learning that the pan can get hot!  He burnt his finger!  🙁

Cooking Chorizo with Dadoo 

Burnt Finger 

This is us at the Hollywood Bowl.

At Hollywhood Bowl Mom and Dad at Hollywood Bowl Fireworks

This is Kai Cousin and Athailai Cousin!  Kai LOVED having her here!  He wouldn’t leave her alone!

Close Up of Cousins 

And my favorite picture from our trip to the zoo on Saturday is this one:

Kaimingo 1 

After looking at the Flamingos, Kai wanted to get down.  he said, “look Mommy…I Kai-mingo!  He thought of it all on his own.   I know, I know he’s a genius.  I was so proud of him playing with language already.  A little joke from my little guy!  🙂  

There are more photos in the photo section of the site, if you’d like to check them out! 


Right now I am doing well, but you can pray for the plane trip.  The side effects from Chemo tend to hit hardest, if they hit at all, the morning after!  I am glad to have an aisle seat just in case!  🙂  Thank you and I’ll be posting when I get back about the fun times we had up in Redding! 

Oh one last thing…We put an offer on a house and should hear by (now they’re saying) Monday.  We’ll keep you updated.

Thanks, the morning is going to come early, so off to bed we go!  Hope you enjoy the pictures!



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