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May 7th 2009

Info About Visiting

Thanks to everyone for their patience.  Monica definitely wants to see visitors, but she is in and out of sleep so we will post on Twitter when we are taking visitors (If you are not signed up for Twitter through your cell phone, you can see all the Twitter posts on this site on the right hand side of the screen).  It could be at anytime.  It just depends on how/what she’s doing at the moment.  For now she has gone back to bed so currently we are not taking visitors.  I promise I will post every time she says she is awake enough to take visitors.

A small word of warning: if the volume of visitors is anything like it was at the hospital, it could get very crowded very quickly in our little apartment.  We currently have Monica’s immediate and extended family here already, so be prepared to stand.  If it is crowded when you come, a shorter visit is appreciated.  If it’s not crowded, feel free to sit down and share your encouragement and support with Monica and the family.

Our address is 6023 Greenleaf Ave Apt. B 90601.  You can click on the address and it will take you to a map.

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