October 15th 2007 01:49 pm

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(198) Melany
Tue, 30 October 2007 18:29

Hey cuz,

I was just thinking about you this morning and just thought I’d say hi. How are you feeling today? Everyone here keeps asking about you Here is the website for the wigs: beautytrends.com they are the best out there. You could have a lot fun with this love ya


(197) Alli Hintz
Tue, 30 October 2007 04:30

Hey Mon,

Just thinking about you today. Hope all is going well with treatment. I continue to pray for you often. May God continue to be your joy & strength.

Love you!

(196) Shauna
Tue, 30 October 2007 01:20


Hey there. I have been thinking so much about you!!! Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. If there is anything I can do for you please do not hesitate to ask. My aunt had breast cancer recently and I told her about your story. She wanted me to let you know that if you need someone to talk to, who has been through this, to give her a call. If you want to talk to her please let me know and I will get you her number. Lots of love to you, Sol, and Kai!!!!


(195) Rossa Lame`
Tue, 30 October 2007 00:15

Debbie Polk asked us to stand with your family in prayer. We will do so. May God continue to work in this situation and bring peace to you.

We are friends of the Polks, met them through coaching Nathan in soccer past few years in case you want to know.

Debbie will keep us posted on your progress…….

Rossa, Ken and family

(194) Diana Upton
Mon, 29 October 2007 17:46

Monica and Family. You are in my prayers. God is with you through it all and hears your cry. I am praying for a miracle and complete healing in your body. Orofino, Idaho

(193) Stephanie, Travis, & Sophia
Mon, 29 October 2007 17:20

Hey Monica,

I read all the updates and it is wonderful to see how positive you and Sol are. I definitely think there is something to be said about the power of positive thinking. Travis and I have been thinking about you, so I wanted to say hello and wish you luck with your treatments. Remember, I am just down the street, so if you are ever in a pickle or not feeling well, I am available. Hopefully, I’ll see you soon.

Much love, Stephanie

(192) Lou Bradford
Mon, 29 October 2007 16:22

Prayers going up for you and all the family! We'll keep the prayer chain going... Lifting you up for God to take care of all of your needs! Love, Lou Bradford, Lenore, Idaho

(191) Stephanie Davidson
Sun, 28 October 2007 21:04

SOOOO glad you are feeling better. I talked to my friend Cathy today at church. (Your name appears on the prayer list ) Hang in there; you are so very constantly thought of and prayed for :)

xo Stephanie

(190) Annie, Cynthia and Loni
Sun, 28 October 2007 16:10

Monica, you have really been on our hearts lately. We are glad to hear that you have a lot of peace and can feel the prayers. Just wanted to let you know that your house in Fresno is doing great!! The gardener came yesterday and the yard looks fabulous. Amy and her husband ask about you often and we enjoy keeping them updated. We have been praying for you, Sol and Kai and will continue to do so. Hopefully you will continue to feel better.

(189) Kenita
Sun, 28 October 2007 05:19

Monica my friend,
I am just thinking about you. I pray that you continue to rest well and that God gives you His supernatural peace and joy. I am so looking forward to seeing you around thanksgiving!


2 Responses to “Encouragement Guest Book”

  1. Moses on 06 Mar 2008 at 11:20 pm #

    Hi Monica, Sol and Kai. We’re think of you guys constantly and will continue to keep you in our prayers. We’re looking forward to playing some board games in the near future.

    Love from Moses, Laura, Finn and Shea

  2. mannyo on 12 May 2009 at 11:31 am #

    Our hearts are saddened by Monica’s passing. It’s difficult times like these I just don’t know what to say,
    other than Peggy and I will continue to pray for you and your family.


    Manny & Peggy

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