October 15th 2007 01:49 pm

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(8) Heidi
Tue, 16 October 2007 03:26

I just want to say that I love all 3 of you so much and my heart is aching for you!!!!!! I can not tell you how much you have been on my mind. I am praying for comfort in any small way for you. I am praying for rest. That you can sleep and allow your body to take a break from all that you are going through. I am praying for bursts of joy through your sweet baby boy and your wonderful husband. I pray that you feel an out pouring of love and warmth from your family and friends. And I am praying fiercely for your FULL recovery!! Let us know when you need something and like I have told you before, we will continue to ask how we can be there for you!

We love you.


(7) debbie
Tue, 16 October 2007 02:47

The website looks great so far- your pic in the corner looks some movie stars!!! lol
Just want you to know how much you are loved and being lifted in prayer by people all over the country, and probably the world by now, the internet is an amazing thing!!! You've been in my heart, mind and prayers all day today........our hearts are broken with you but believing God for a miracle in your body!!! We've been through alot of trials this year and our faith has brought us through, we trust your faith will bring you through as well. Hold tight to Jesus, he won't let you go!

(6) Harry Sager
Tue, 16 October 2007 01:57


You are in my and many oithers prayers, be comforted by Him.

Are you in any pain? Rejoice! Discouraged? Rejoice! You are His! Again I say rejoice!

I can imagine what you're going through as I've had dad with prostrate cancer that went into his bones.

The Lord is with you, understands what is going on in your melon, and won't ever leave you!

There is strength in His Name...

Harry Sager

(5) Sarah Rose House
Tue, 16 October 2007 01:21

Hi there Rodriguez family! I just got your email and wanted to send you lots of love and let you know that I'm holding you all in my thoughts and prayers. Please let me know if there is ever anything else I can do and please continue to keep us all posted on your progress.

Much love,
Sarah Rose

(4) Megan
Tue, 16 October 2007 00:51


I’ve only just heard about your predicament, dear. I want you to know that I’m praying for you and that I have all sorts of faith in your strength and ability to pull through. I know you’ve got a very good support system around you and TONS of people who love and care about you. That, in itself, gives a person strength… not to mention the strength of your faith in God. You’re a trooper and I’ve got the whole family in my prayers.

You need someone to bring you a pizza or keep an eye on a tiny tot, you just let me know.

So much love to you!

Megan C.

(3) The Palmer Family
Tue, 16 October 2007 00:33

Hey Guys,
You better believe that we’re never going to stop praying for you! Monica, we love you very much and are well aware that God can and does work miracles. ”Be anxious for nothing, but in everything through prayer and supplication, let your requests be made known to God.” - Phillipians 4:6. We love you guys. -Mark

(2) Frank
Tue, 16 October 2007 00:33

We just want you to know we are constantly praying for you and thinking of you. Our every thought and prayer is for God's will and your complete healing.

(1) Sol
Mon, 15 October 2007 23:26

Yeah, I am the first to write in the encouragement guestbook! :)

Monica, may this guestbook provide you strength and encouragement when you are down. May you feel the love of those who I know will continue to reach out to you. May you never lose hope or faith in God who loves you or in those of us who continue to pray for you.

I love you dearly!




2 Responses to “Encouragement Guest Book”

  1. Moses on 06 Mar 2008 at 11:20 pm #

    Hi Monica, Sol and Kai. We’re think of you guys constantly and will continue to keep you in our prayers. We’re looking forward to playing some board games in the near future.

    Love from Moses, Laura, Finn and Shea

  2. mannyo on 12 May 2009 at 11:31 am #

    Our hearts are saddened by Monica’s passing. It’s difficult times like these I just don’t know what to say,
    other than Peggy and I will continue to pray for you and your family.


    Manny & Peggy

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