April 16th 2008 09:33 pm

New Treatments, New Effects…

The memorial this weekend was very touching. Keith was an amazing man, and he will leave a big hole in many lives. The church was packed with people from all areas of his life. They all heard the gospel and how Keith’s faith is what made him the man that they all loved. It was a treasured time of remembrance and sorrow for our loss – many smiles and many tears as we said goodbye. His family remains in our prayers and will be there for a long time! We love you Kim, Kelby, Kendall and Kerrigan.

As for me, it’s been 6 treatments and I feel like I’ve stayed up all night for days in a row. I am getting more and more tired. I have also noticed that I get a bit nauseous for about 15 minutes afterward and am feeling a little dizzy these days. I don’t know whether those are all side effects of the radiation or if it is what Kai had this past weekend. Sol seems to be a bit under the weather, so it could be a few things all adding up to this.

Other than some fatigue, nausea and dizziness, I have also had some redness in the treated area. It first showed up on Monday after treatment, but went away before treatment the next day. After telling the techs about it, they said it was too early to have “burning” from the radiation. They suggested that I might be allergic to something. So I’ve been paying attention to see what might be triggering the redness.

Here is one theory…there is a special thing (a bolis) they place over my chest every other day to pull the radiation closer to the skin. Monday was one such day and today another. I’ll be looking to see if it is red again tonight. I do have very sensitive skin, so this could very well be the culprit.

Another theory is that I am SUPER fair and radiation IS affecting me earlier than it would most people. That wouldn’t be out of the question either.

Other than those things, radiation seems to be going pretty smoothly so far.

Just a note for you puzzle lovers, in the waiting room there is a puzzle that many people work on. Many of those waiting complain that it’s too difficult, but it’s become a bit of an addiction for me. Ok, I admit it, I am a closet puzzle addict. 🙂

Finally, on Friday, I am planning on flying up North for my sister’s baby shower; it will be good to see everyone up there as I haven’t been there since August. Kai will be staying here with his dadoo, and Sol’s Dad and Martha will be coming down here to help out and visit.

Thanks for listening and for your prayers.


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