December 6th 2007 09:11 am

Monica’s Inner Circle

 A very special thing has been done for me.  Arlie Ankerberg, my pastor’s wife, has graciously given me a precious gift to share with all of you. 

Declaration Ring - Monica's Inner Circle

 They are flat metal rings with the inscription “Monica’s Inner Circle” on them.  They come on black necklaces, but can be put onto keychains or worn around the wrist.  It is a reminder to pray and is also a token of our appreciation for all the prayers you have already said for us.  I have MANY of them and really want you all to have them.  The cost would be great for me to ship them to all of you, so I am asking those of you who want one to send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope, and I will send you as many as you request.  Here is our address for those of you who do not have it already: 


We really do appreciate all your prayers and support.

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