May 8th 2009 08:52 pm

Eligible for Clinical Trial!

We were very concerned about Monica’s liver enzyme levels excluding her from participating in a clinical trial for a new drug, since the day before they were too high.  Thanks to God and to all your prayers, the results came back that her enzyme levels are ok and she is eligible!  Monica (and all of us) are very excited and grateful.  It’s a new glimmer of hope in the midst of a very discouraging time. 

Today was a pretty good day, though.  One of Monica’s pain meds is a patch on her arm that takes 72 hours to reach its peak level.  After that, replacement patches should maintain that peak level.  Anyways, today was the 72 hour peak, and it really seemed to make a difference.  She was more coherent today and didn’t have to keep asking for more of the pill meds which make her groggier and hallucinate.  We also really enjoyed lunch today.  Heather and Keri conspired (in a good way) to bring us pizza from our favorite place called Me’n’Ed’s.  Another friend from Monica’s Bible study also brought a platter full of home made sandwhiches, so we ate and ate.  All the food was delicious.  Monica’s sisters and sunshine also decided to take her to get her hair washed and styled.  Monica really appreciated it.

There are a couple of other challenges to pray for.  The pain meds have made Monica very “plugged up”.  She hasn’t had a bowel movement in over a week!  She is very bloated and uncomfortable with pressure, so we really need to pray for that.  We would also appreciate prayer for Kai.  It’s probably just his age, but he is starting to get very whiny and clingy.  He gets a bit sad sometimes too.  His teachers have told us that he tells them he needs to go see his mom in the hospital because she is getting “big shots”.  Pray for his little heart, that he would be filled with love from everyone around him and that he would feel safe.  Finally, pray for a good night sleep for Monica.  I finally had a good night sleep last night, but Monica still wakes up constantly.


2 Responses to “Eligible for Clinical Trial!”

  1. RenaeHerbTolbert on 09 May 2009 at 6:17 am #

    Praising Jesus for you today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I’m praying for you, Sol, and for Kai as well. Thanks for the update on Kai. He has been so heavy on my heart lately and wondered if he was with relatives this past week or what. I think you are one extremely amazing husband and my heart and prayers are with all of you always. I wear my “Monica’s Inner Circle” necklace often and when people ask what it is, it gives me an opportunity to ask one more person to start praying. Love in Christ, Renae & Herb too!

  2. debbiepolk on 09 May 2009 at 7:15 am #

    Praise the Lord!! We’ve been praying and watching for a posting concerning her blood work! Will keep praying this will be our miracle!! Keep strong Sol and the rest of the family, especially little Kai!! We love you all and wish we were closer by but your posts and twitters almost make us feel like we are there with you! Keep them coming! Praying that God gives you strength, peace and laughter today! Love from Idaho
    Aunt Debbie

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