April 29th 2009 08:16 pm

Crappy CT Scan results…

Of course the waiting is hard, but finding out that chemo isn’t working again is harder!  According the report, most of the tumors have grown.  The cancer is in the lungs, liver and spine.  I have been having a lot of pain recently in specific areas of my abdomen and back, and those places were the most notable in the report.  It wasn’t just me sleeping wrong – of course not with my new bed and all!  Anyway, we will not be continuing that chemo and I have an appointment scheduled for May 5th at USC Norris Cancer Hospital with Dr. Chowla.  He is supposed to be an expert on sarcomas.  Hopefully he’ll see something with fresh eyes and take a leap with something that will work.

So the pain is getting worse.  I have been taking a time released morphine pill twice a day, now since there is pain inbetween, I am taking 6 codeine pills a day as well.  I still function, but am tired all the time.  My red blood count is still way too low, but all of the cultures and such are coming back negative for anything.  The doctors say it’s related to chronic disease – meaning it’s because of my tumors.  I also have been having fevers every night and have been soaking my bed with night sweats.  It’s crazy!  It’s like someone has dumped a glass of water onto my pillow.  It’s pretty disgusting actually!  All supposedly tumor related!  

Please keep us in your prayers as we make decisions about treatment and everything else.  Pray that my pain would go away.  Pray that I’d be able to eat more at meals.  Pray for Kai as he’s beginning to understand that there is something wrong with Mommy.  Pray for Sol – he’s really having a tough time; he can’t fix it!  Thank you for your constant support in prayer!  



2 Responses to “Crappy CT Scan results…”

  1. wendideetz on 30 Apr 2009 at 10:20 am #

    Hi Monica,

    I’m sorry to hear you got crummy news regarding the latest chemo. Of course, we’ve been praying for a different outcome, too. Sending love and hope and healing thoughts that the new doc will have some new insight. Love you all!



    And this from my mom:

    Dear Monica,

    I am going to my yoga class shortly and will dedicate my practice to your wellbeing. Your love and courage are amazing and I will storm heaven for you. You are in my heart, the prayers will never stop.

    Ruth Ann….Wendi’s Mom and many more moms that will join me as well as many many others…

  2. pattybrunell on 01 May 2009 at 8:15 pm #

    I pray for you every day Monica. I just keep Chanel #5 in my brain. It’s my prayer. #5 will be the miracle. I pray every day for that. Stay strong. I forgot what Pastor Bill’s comments a few weeks were, but it wasn’t a prayer to take the pain away. It was something like pray for the strength to continue each and every day. That is my prayer. I pray to God that he eases your pain each day for you to enjoy that day with Kai & Sol. And I pray that you go to bed that night in peace. And I pray that you wake up the next day and enjoy THAT day with Kai & Sol. You are truly covered in prayers from everywhere. I love you and pray for you each and every day!

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