October 9th 2008 10:27 pm

Has it really been two weeks?

Wow!  Two weeks have flown by.  I keep saying that I need to do an update, but it never happens.  Right now I am feeling so overwhelmed – it’s overwhelming!  (Seriously, it has brought me to tears on more than one occasion.) So now it is 11:00 on Thursday night, and I’m going to give you a long bulleted list update.

  • Fresno State Beat UCLA, and we were there!  🙂  It was a blazing 98+ degrees and kick off was at 12:30!  Hot, Hot, Hot!  (Thanks again, Shelley! Kai had a great time!)
  • Back-to-school night was 9/30.  I only had 12 of 35 parents come.  🙁
  • It was a year ago October 2nd that I found out I had cancer.  Tough day.
  • Chemo #9 went well (Melissa Torres went with me) with not too many side effects.
  • Saturday night I even felt well enough to go on a dinner and movie date with Sol.
  • My toes are still experiencing numbness from the Taxol, but it hasn’t gotten worse.
  • Went without a T.V. all week…was kind of good for all of us.
  • Kai has been doing GREAT going to daycare this week and has just been a joy to be around!  He’s so stinking adorable.  He loves to tell stories!  🙂 
  • My students have been terrible!  I need help figuring out how to get them back!
  • Renters in Fresno moved out on Monday, and we found out that they had not been taking care of the house while living there.  Things are broken and the place is filthy!  How disappointing!  Let’s just say, they will not be getting their deposit back!
  • Phone has been ringing off the hook with potential new renters.  🙂
  • Sol’s folks have been awesome, putting up for rent signs, taking calls, setting up showings, giving keys to people so that they can clean it…and a ton more things!  THANK YOU!!!  We are so grateful!
  • Grades are due tomorrow.  I just finished correcting papers and will finish the writing of the grades tomorrow. 
  • I’ve had a cold for three weeks, and it has drained any energy I had left after chemo treatments!
  • I have had three subs in the last 5 workdays.  It is harder to be out and prepare for a sub than to just be there! 
  • I purchased airline tickets to go see my friends and family at the Simpson University Homecoming weekend.  It’s my 10 year reunion from college!  I am so excited to see them all!
  • My older sister, Karen, is coming out to California for work and we made plans to hook up while she’s in Monterey!  Hey, it’s not that close, but it’s a heck of a lot closer than Washington, D.C.!  🙂
  • Sol leaves tomorrow for Men’s Retreat…just me and Kai for the weekend! 

I guess that’s about it.  I may have forgotten some things in my attempt to write fast so I can go to sleep.  I am sorry that it took me so long to update.  

Please pray for healing from this cold.  I am hoping that since I don’t have chemo tomorrow, my body will finally be able to fight it off. 




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  1. chrisdecklund on 13 Oct 2008 at 11:25 am #

    2 Weeks without a blog…is that what you’re saying? Good grief woman..give it a rest. You’re allowed.

    Renters…did I miss it? You moving?

    Tell the students you’re going to grade on a TRUE bell curve. I used to do that with high schoolers…it shut them up. 😉

    10 year reunion…sweeeeeet…you’re oooooold. The Wrights and/or Powells going?

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