September 12th 2008 08:41 pm

CT Scan

Today was my CT scan, and it didn’t go as planned.  I chose to have a PowerPort put in because it can handle the CT contrast injection.  It was supposed to make my life easier.  I wouldn’t have to be poked by anymore needles!  I called ahead to make sure that there would be someone who could access the PowerPort. 

So here’s the story:  I drank all that nasty Barium stuff this afternoon and headed down to the hospital.  I get there, drink more of that stuff, and they tell me the nurse is on her way down to access the port.  The nurse gets there and tells the radiologist that she isn’t allowed to do it at this hospital.  She knows how to do it, they have the needles they need, but the hospital hasn’t set the protocol for doing it.  Can you believe that?  When they told me this, I started crying.  I was so frustrated – they would have to poke my arm.  I said that I guess it would have to happen, but that I didn’t want it in my hand.  The last time I had a CT scan, the IV was in my hand, and it hurt so badly!  The radiologist was actually very understanding and apologetic, but the situation was just so frustrating!  There was nothing I could do except lay there and get it done! 

I will be writing a letter to Presbyterian Hospital encouraging them to speed up the protocol process.  This is not the first time that “protocol” has been the enemy to getting what I need/want at this hospital.  The radiologist told me that this protocol has been in the works for over 6 months!  That is way too long!  This is something that patients want and need!

So, it’s done and now we wait and pray for the results.  Hopefully they’ll be ready on Tuesday.

Thank you so much for your prayers!


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