August 7th 2008 01:09 pm

Chemo 2 – 3 treatments down

Hello Everyone,

Today was Chemo week 3.  It was two drugs Taxol and Avastin, which gave me VERY bad side-effects last time.  I got to the doctor’s office right on time and was told that I would have to wait until they heard back from Dr. Freimann.  My white blood cell count was too low, and they were going to see whether or not I would get chemo today.  Well, after waiting for a while, they said that I could get it but that the Taxol dose would be lowered and the Avastin would be the same.  Then they said that I am going to have to come in for four days for white blood cell booster shots.  So I’ll be having injections Friday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.   🙁   Last time I only had chemo every three weeks, and they could give me a Neulasta shot (white blood cell booster) that worked for ten days.  Since I am having chemo every 7 days, they can’t give that to me ; I have to go in daily.   So, I guess I don’t get a week off…at least I get a break from chemo next week.   When I had the shot last time, that’s when I got bone pain.  So strange and so painful!  I am really praying that doesn’t happen with these daily doses.

On a strange note, one of the chemos that I saw someone else receiving was BLACK!  It was so strange seeing her tubing all black as it goes into her body!  I wonder what that was?  Martha, my mother-in-law, and Lark, a friend from work took turns hanging out with me today.  It was fun; we played Blokus (a really fun game) most of the time.

So right now, I feel tired and need to lay down, but I wanted to let you know that I am home and doing fairly well.  Friday is when the side-effects hit me last time, so please be praying against all the side-effects (nausea, diarrhea, gas, rash, shortness of breath, pain and now hot flashes to my hands and below my knees) and that the shots won’t give me bone pain!

Thank you so much!

Surviving another day!


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  1. RenaeHerbTolbert on 07 Aug 2008 at 5:41 pm #

    Praying for you Monica!!
    Love you love you love you!! God, please help Monica to wake up tomorrow with no nausea, no gas, no bone pain. Lord, I just pray that when Monica wakes up tomorrow, she feels terrific and full of energy.
    I pray that Kai sleeps a full 12 hours tonight so the whole family can get some much needed rest.
    I thank you Lord for her friendship, for her faith that is so very strong. What an amazing witness she is! Thank you Jesus!

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